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Woodsman Stove

The Bushcraft Woodsman Stove is a portable log burner/ outdoor woodburner stove designed for outdoor use or as a Bell tent stove.

This stove has been designed for the outdoor world whether you are camping/glamping or simply having an outdoor gathering. It’s very simple to use and and quick to get going.

This stove is lightweight, weighing only 12.9kg and slightly larger than any other stove in our range. If you are using this stove in a bell tent you will find it’s easy to set up and get going within a matter of minutes. It has 1.87m flue height to ensure there is plenty of flue for all types of tent/sheds. If you are using this stove in a bell tent we would advise using a tent protector and heat mat for added safety.
The glass door gives you the feel of real warmth wherever you are and whatever you are doing. The top plate is has plenty of room to cook on and has direct contact with the heat in the burner enabling a quick cooking time.
As with all our stoves we only recommend burning dry wood. This is the most efficient way of using the Bushcraft- woodsman and will give you the cleanest source of heat.
The stove has four fold in legs to make the stove completely compact and easy to carry. The flue even breaks down in six parts and actually fits inside the wood-burner. The stove can be carried by itself or you can purchase a Bushcraft woodsman stove carrier to make it even easier.
The Bushcraft woodsman even has its own accessories range take a look.
  • Woodsman Stove
  • Woodsman Stove
  • Woodsman Stove

Woodsman Stove

Woodsman Stove ex VAT £133.33

Woodsman Stove Accessories